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Jennifer Jackson

“I like the ability to collect feedback and personalize the user experience. Our end users love the ability to have a guided tour.”


Create and launch in-product surveys to collect feedback from users at key moments. Learn valuable insights and use them to deliver a better user experience.

No Code Required

Launch an NPS survey in seconds with our pre-built template, or create your own custom surveys in Lou’s no code builder.

On Brand Design

Custom themes make building on-brand surveys fast. You have full control of color, font, size, location, corner radius, and more to create a built in-house look.


Take full control over which users receive a survey. Decide who should be asked to take a survey and set each survey to display at the ideal moment.

Turnkey Segments

Turnkey Segments are pre-built segments that are supplied by Lou and are ready to go without any prior setup. They include All Users, New Users, Returning Users, & Power Users.

Custom Segments

Target any type of users with custom segments. Easily create custom segments from the user data that you're supplying to Lou.


Lou makes it easy to measure user feedback and track net promoter score with custom in-app surveys.

Track Net Promoter Score

Based on survey answers, Lou calculates your NPS Score and organizes responses into Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

Collect User Feedback

Gain valuable feedback from your users in the form of thumbs up/down, 0-10 score, or short answer surveys whose responses are available in the Lou Dashboard.

Adopets’ survey determined that 92% of users found their in-app guidance helpful.

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