Introducing Lou Onboarding Checklists

Lou just made it incredibly easy to onboard users faster with interactive checklists that take just minutes and no code to launch.

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5 Ways to Increase Feature Adoption and Boost User Retention

Discover five actionable ways to help drive the adoption of new features and encourage your users to stick around for the long haul.

Aha Moment: Definition, Examples, & How to Get Your Users There Faster

A guide to understanding aha moments and how to optimize your new user onboarding flow to get to the aha moment faster

How to Design a Great Product Tour

Guidelines and examples for creating beautiful and effective product tours

Lou is a High Performer on G2!

With a 4.7 star rating, Lou is ranked in the top 10 Digital Adoption Platforms for small businesses


Adopets announces new features & product updates to pet shelters across the world with Lou


Vsble scales onboarding for 100k users & decreases support tickets by 15% with Lou

Tooltips: A Guide To Designing These Helpful Hints

A tooltip is a brief message that appears when a user interacts with a specific app or website element. A good tooltip is subtle, provides the user with valuable information, and then gets out of the way. 

How to Announce New Features in 2021

Announcing product changes effectively and clearly will help build trust and loyalty between you and your users.

Polly Onboarding Teardown

In this onboarding teardown we're taking a look at Polly, the instant engagement app for Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Are You Setting User Onboarding Goals?

When building product tours or any other onboarding content for your app, it's important to begin by defining a goal.

New Feature: Goals

Today we're announcing a new feature to help track user activation in your app. Goals help you understand how effective your product tours are at driving users toward key activities.

Integrate Lou With Segment

Integrating with Segment makes it easy to utilize Lou’s most powerful personalization features without any custom code or added implementation time

Introducing Lou Freemium

Lou is the first digital adoption platform to go freemium. Creating great user experiences has never been easier!

4 Ways to Retain Customers

With businesses looking to cut SaaS subscriptions due to the effects of COVID-19, we've put together 4 powerful strategies to drive customer retention this quarter.

How to Build an Engaging Product Tour

Product tours help drive users to activation by guiding them step-by-step through completing important tasks on your platform.

User Onboarding Guide

First impressions are powerful and hard to overcome. As a SaaS company, our user onboarding experience gives the first impression of our company long before a user interacts with our team.

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