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Onboard and guide users towards activation points

Welcome users to your app, guide them towards activation points, and transform them into power users.

I was blown away with how easy it was for me to create tours and how effective they are at teaching people how to use our software!

Steve Moore

CEO, Buildfore

Drive engagement with in‑app experiences

Onboard users with interactive product tours.

Announce new features with tooltips & hotspots.

Build without your dev team

Build, preview, and ship in-app experiences with a code-free editor designed for non-technical users.

Design in real-time directly on top of your app with Lou's chrome extension.

Personalize every user experience

Tailor experiences for each stage of your customer lifecycle and drive new users to become power users.

Target specific subsets of users with personalized experiences designed specifically for them.

Drive product decisions with behavioral data

Understand how effective your in-app experiences are at driving users towards key activities.

Instantly iterate on and optimize product experiences based on how users interact with them.

Lou Plays Nicely With Your Entire Product Stack

Lou integrates with most analytics and customer engagement tools right out‑of‑the‑box so that you can view and analyze the data collected from Lou experiences in the tools you're already using – no additional setup required.

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