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Turn new users into power users with self-serve onboarding, personalized product tours, and feature announcements. Launch in just minutes – no dev time required.

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Drive engagement with in‑platform experiences

Product tours, hotspots, modals and tooltips guide users through their journey to becoming power users and long-term customers. A user's first few logins are critical and Lou ensures they have a valuable experience each time.

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Build without your dev team

The Lou Builder enables your team to create and test interactive product experiences right on top of your platform within minutes — no code or technical skills required.

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Personalize every user experience

Tailor learning experiences to every user's unique needs. Group users into custom segments or choose from one of Lou's turnkey segments to deliver experiences designed specifically for them.

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Drive product decisions with behavioral data

Lou collects quantitative metrics like completion rate, engagement times, and feedback scores that help you optimize your product experiences.

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Lou Plays Nicely With Your Entire Product Stack

Lou integrates with most analytics and customer engagement tools right out‑of‑the‑box so that you can view and analyze the data collected from Lou experiences in the tools you're already using – no additional setup required.

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