Reach your users at just the right moment

The most effective way to reach users is while they're in-app. Take advantage of targeted and timely communication.

Warn users of upcoming downtime
Notify users about subscriptions ending
Target upsell announcements

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Caitlin Jonesler

Product Architect Lead @ Home Gauge

“Before Lou, any downtime or important announcements had to be coded and released by our engineering team. With Lou, I have been able to post announcements of downtime quickly and by myself.”


Announcements offer timely communication with your users in-app. Make sure users stay up to date about upcoming downtime, changes to their plan, and more.

No Code Required

Build beautiful announcements that convey your message without being intrusive. Ready for production in minutes without code or having to involve your dev team.

On Brand Design

Custom themes make building on-brand experiences fast. Have full control of color, font, size, location, corner radius, and more. Support for image, video, & gifs included.


Make an announcement to just the users who need to hear it. Display targeted messages like only alerting users whose trial is about to end. You can accomplish all of this and more with Lou's segmentation feature.

Turnkey Segments

Turnkey Segments are pre-built segments that are supplied by Lou and are ready to go without any prior setup. They include All Users, New Users, Returning Users, & Power Users.

Custom Segments

Target any type of users with custom segments. Easily create custom segments from the user data that you're supplying to Lou, like creating a user segment of companies whose trial is ending in 7 days or less.


Lou collects, visualizes, and syncs important user engagement metrics with the rest of your analytics. Take advantage of our integrations with analytics providers like Mixpanel & Heap to understand which users need another follow up.

Goal Tracking

Understand how effective your announcements and tours are at driving users towards completing key activities like adopting new features.

Understand user behavior

See how many users have seen your announcement and if they took an action as a result. Use the Lou dashboard or integrate Lou with the analytics tools you're already using.

Adopets announces new features to pet shelters across the world with Lou

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