Track & understand product adoption with ease

Track users' onboarding journeys, product adoption, and the evolution from new to power user.

Track product adoption
Understand if users are reaching key activities
Test, iterate, & improve with A/B testing

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Alon Grinshpoon

Founder @ Echo3D

“Lou was exactly what I needed. I did not need to code anything, I could just drag and drop to create experiences with a few clicks. The fact that Lou gives me analytics and integrates seamlessly with my analytics provider - I found it amazing.”


A truly no code solution, Lou enables you to create code-free goals and A/B tests with just a few clicks.

Code-free Goals

Track page views, button clicks, and more by designating important milestones in your user's journey as goals. No css selectors or html identifiers required - just point and click.

Powerful Visualizations

The Lou dashboard makes it easy to see how users are engaging with your platform, if they're reaching important milestones, and where they may be getting lost.


Track users through their journey from new to power users of your platform with Lou's turnkey segments or calculate how many users fall within any one of your custom segments.

One Click Integrations

Lou offers one click integrations with most data analytics providers like Segment, Amplitude, Mixpanel, & more.

Custom Segments

Visualize how user behavior varies between user segments. Define and target custom segments based on user traits.


Lou collects, visualizes, and syncs important user engagement metrics with the rest of your analytics. Take advantage of our integrations with analytics providers like Mixpanel & Heap to understand which users need another follow up for advanced targeting and insights.

Goal Tracking

Understand how effective your announcements and tours are at driving users towards completing key activities like adopting new features.

Understand User Behavior

See how many users have or have not seen your announcement, and if users took action. Use the Lou dashboard or integrate Lou with the analytics tools you're already using.

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