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Wladimir Alexi

Founder @ Vsble

“Lou is the simplest solution to streamline our onboarding processes in both German and English.”


Create self‑serve onboarding experiences with product tours and onboarding checklists that guide users step‑by‑step through completing important tasks on your platform.

No Code Required

Build beautiful experiences that are ready for production in minutes without code or having to involve your dev team.

On Brand Design

Custom themes make building on-brand experiences fast. Have full control of color, font, size, location, corner radius, and more. Support for image, video, & gifs included.


Successful onboarding is rarely one size fits all. Lou makes it easy to create targeted experiences that are tailored to users' specific needs.

Turnkey Segments

Turnkey Segments are pre-built segments that are supplied by Lou and are ready to go without any prior setup. They include All Users, New Users, Returning Users, & Power Users.

Custom Segments

Target any type of users with custom segments. Easily create custom segments from the user data that you're supplying to Lou. A common use case is a different onboarding experience for general & admin users.


Lou collects, visualizes, and syncs important engagement metrics with the rest of your analytics so that your team can analyze and improve the onboarding experience.

Goal Tracking

Calculate the value of your onboarding experiences by tracking how effective they are at driving users towards completing key activities.

Understand User Behavior

Visualize how users progress through their journey from new user to power user. Use the Lou dashboard or integrate Lou with the analytics tools you're already using.

Vsble scales to 100k MAUs by onboarding users with Lou

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