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Founding Story

Rachel Pardue and Kyle Lawson are the co-founders of LOU. They first began working together in 2017 when they were President and VP of Babson’s entrepreneurship club ‘eTower’ which has an alumni community of over 200 members.

Rachel had the idea for LOU when her grandparents asked her how to wish her Aunt Lou a happy birthday on Facebook. As Rachel stood over her grandfather's shoulder and pointed to each button he needed to press on his screen, Rachel realized how simple and universal this teaching method is, yet current customer success solutions don’t mimic it.

Rachel has a passion for human-centered design that led her to be the youngest person to be accepted to Louisiana Tech University’s business accelerator at 17 and to be a student consultant for SoftBank Robotics and Design that Matters where she helped develop a medical device for the prevention of neonatal hypothermia in refugee settlements.

To build LOU, Rachel teamed up with Kyle who has built countless web platforms as a freelance developer and co-founded a video marketing startup with proprietary technology that was acquired by Clientify.

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