We're excited to announce an integration with Segment that makes it easy to utilize Lou’s most powerful personalization features without any custom code or added implementation time! If you're already using Segment for user event tracking within your application then integrating is as simple as adding Lou as a destination and copying and pasting an API Key.


Once the integration is enabled, all Segment user traits being recorded via the identify method will be filtered and sent along to Lou so that you can target different groups of users with tours, announcements, and messaging that is most relevant to them. In addition, all Segment events being recorded via the track method will also be received by Lou and can be used to define goals that help illustrate the effectiveness of your tours at driving users toward key activities within your app.

If you're currently using Segment, your app will already be calling these "identify" and "track" methods so you don't have to go bug your dev team to add new code. In the future if you'd like to define a new Lou goal with an event you're not currently tracking, your dev team can seamlessly add tracking for that event with the Segment analytics SDK they're already familiar with.