Lou is the first digital adoption platform to go freemium. Creating great user experiences has never been easier!

With Lou, non-technical teams everywhere can turn new users into power users with self-serve onboarding, personalized product tours, and feature announcements. Lou is an effortless way to create, test, and deploy interactive product experiences in minutes. No code, technical skills, or bugging your dev team required.

At Lou, we believe there are magic moments throughout every user experience, and that the sooner the user reaches them, the more likely they are to recognize the value of the platform and be retained as a happy customer.

Every platform needs user experiences that are designed to guide users to these critical activation points so that we can lower the learning curve associated with adopting new SaaS platforms and turn confused new users into confident power users. That’s why we decided to become the first company in the product tour space to offer a free tier.

In Lou’s free tier, anyone can create an account, easily build tours right on top of their platform, and deploy one tour live to their users.

Just one well-designed product tour can have a lasting impact on user engagement and retention.

To create your free Lou account, go to dashboard.louassist.com/register.