Lou Best Practices

Keep tours short and engaging

To see an optimal completion rate, we recommend limiting tours to a maximum of 6 steps. In some cases, keeping tours below this limit can be tricky. We find it helpful to have separate tours for each activation point, with the activation point being the end goal of the tour. 

Drive users to activation

Build each tour with an activation point in mind. Activation points are the milestones within your platform that users must reach in order to recognize value. They can also be thought of as the ‘aha’ or ‘magic’ moments.

Your Lou experiences should drive users from initial sign-on through a series of activation points over the user’s entire journey from new to power user.

Limit use of modals

Modals can be one of the most powerful tour step types because they demand users’ attention. As the modal pops up and the platform fades out, your user is essentially a captive audience. We recommend using that power sparingly as users are more likely to stay engaged with the tour if it doesn’t feel obtrusive to their experience in the platform. Modals can be great for new feature announcements, to welcome users to the platform either with text or a video, or to convey important information that you want to be certain your users’ see.

Personalize experiences through user segmentation

User segmentation allows you to display experiences that are relevant or personalized for a certain type of user. It also prevents users from seeing experiences that are not relevant to them or are about features they may not have access to. The most important users to segment are users who would see a different version of the platform, for example, general users and admin users. 

Once the various user segments have been defined in the Lou Dashboard, you can assign an experience to a specific segment of users from the Lou Builder by selecting the desired user segment on the deliver tab of creating your experience.  For additional help see our example for identifying users

Our team is dedicated to helping you create the best learning experience for your users. If you have any additional questions, our team is happy to help. Just reach out to support@louassist.com and we’ll personally follow up.

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