Personalize Every Interaction

Every user is unique. Lou lets you treat them that way with targeted experiences that are tailored to their specific needs.

Target specific segments of users
4 built-in turnkey segments
Trigger experiences on urls
Trigger experiences from actions
Advanced multi-rule trigger logic
JavaScript SDK for full control

Guide users to success

New Users

Target new users with onboarding flows and helpful hints that demonstrate the power of your platform on their first visit.

Returning Users

Increase retention of returning users by targeting them with support content and highlighting advanced features.

Power Users

Ensure that power users are always up‑to‑date with your latest product releases through targeted feature announcements.

Target the right users...

Group your users based on similar characteristics to ensure that every experience is relevant to them. the right time

Trigger product tours to start automatically when a user reaches a certain page or performs a specific action.

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