Analyze User Behavior

Lou collects, visualizes, and syncs important engagement metrics with the rest of your analytics so that your team can make accurate and informed product decisions.

Tour and hotspot views
Completion rate
Time to complete
Search terms
Feedback responses
Out-of-the-box integrations

Understand User Actions

Lou's built‑in analytics track important actions that your users take while interacting with you platform. Our dashboard helps you visualize how many users are progressing through milestones and how long they're engaging with your features.

Track user journeys

Lou track houw users progress through their journey from new to power user so that you can optimize their experience every step of the way.

Automatic Integrations

Lou integrates with most analytics and customer engagement tools right out-of-the-box so that you can view and analyze the data collected from Lou experiences in the tools you're already using – no additional setup required.

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